Natural Family Bakery is a company created by 30 years experienced , 4th generation of Family Bakers - Arkadiusz Parzych. With knowledge gained during entire life, we achieved excellent quality and taste of our bread.

We first started off in a small local shop, hoping for the growth of our company. As the company grew rapidly, we closed the shop to open a bigger, better place of work. This meant employees would have a better environment to work in , and the supply of produce would be able to increase. We supply our products to local businesses, such as bakeries restaurants,etc.


We offer the professional standards, premium products and quality assurance you would expect from professional bakery. At the moment we are able to meet the expectations of every procurement. 

We use white sourdough that has been reproduced for over 150 years therefore adding extra flavour and the bread being more extraordinary than any other. The rye sourdough is just like the normal white sourdough, just reproduced over 70 years, making it just as special.

We use old methods to both make and bake the bread, and each loaf and roll is hand made by one of our employees, instead of making it with machinery, which guarantees all the products are made to perfection with love.